The Ho, Ho, Ho’s on Henry VIII!

“Six of One, a Tudor comedy, is free on Kindle today (12.25.12) and tomorrow (12.26.12)!

Remember, you heard it here first!

And by the way…Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good knight!


Time flies when you’re having fun


Henry VIII died on this date, January 28, in 1547.  Can’t believe it’s been 465 years already.  We’ll have to start planning for the 500 year anniversary before we know it.  Maybe we could get Dolly back here for a night for that one.

Henry, Henry, Henry…Sing it, girls


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Preview Snippet from “Six of One” by JoAnn Spears:

From Chapter Twenty-Seven, “Of the Martial, in addition to the Marital”

“It’s the first time Anne Boleyn has ever said anything even civil to you! This is indeed a moment to savor. “Dolly,” Anne of Cleves said, positively beaming at me, “seems to bring out the best in us.”

“Gadzooks! Perhaps Ann Boleyn will say something nice about our Henry next!” said Jane Seymour.

You wouldn’t think that five women could comment in perfect unison without practice, but believe me, they did. “I doubt it!” the other wives chorused, loud enough for Jane Seymour to hear them all the way out there in left field.

Anne, I saved this video for your blog because I miss you the most of all.  Love you!  Dolly

‘Flanders mare’ contains an anagram of ‘false remand’…interesting, don’t you think?



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My “Six of One” preview snippet…the opinions expressed therein are not necessarily those of the management.  A of C

“Six of One”, coming out in Fall, 2011!

From Chapter Twenty-Five, “Anne of Cleves Makes No Bones About It”:

“Then guess, Dolly, why I was an untouched wife, relict of an unconsummated marriage—like a beloved sister, and nothing more, to Henry VIII.”

Since political correctness was not around in Tudor times, Henry VIII had blamed it squarely on the woman before me being a “Flanders mare.” He alleged that Anne had flabby breasts and belly, and that these were insurmountable—or should I say “unmountable”—obstacles to consummation.